To provide a space where professionals in education, arts & entertainment could express & showcase their ideas and/or talents, & host meetings, while always providing learning opportunities within our catered industries. 



 The purpose of EAEA is to

(a) provide opportunities for our members to have access to a network of other professionals in the industry in which they may utilize for use of products and/or services at a custom rate;

(b) encourage intellectual enrichment and professional growth through forums & presentations;

(c) offer a space to our members that affords use for professional development, community outreach, social gatherings, & other meetings; elevate the stature of our members individually by use of marketing & social recognition.


EAEA is a non- profit organization that provides resources, a network, and opportunities for industry professionals. The organization focuses on education, community outreach, entertainment & more! We cater to and provide funding & scholarships for industry motivated students in various fields, while also creating opportunities to enhance our communities. 

“The Office” hosts our events, meetings, gatherings, classes & workshops



"The Office"

is the private country club for Industry Professionals in Education, Arts & Entertainment!

However, to enter you must be a member of the Education, Arts & Entertainment Association Also known as the EAEA.